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Researchers, scientists, and doctors from respected institutions have endorsed that you can in fact lose weight with tea.

How to lose weight with tea has been published in several medical journals, and has been embraced by celebrity healthcare professionals like Dr. Oz, as well as celebrities.

Green tea extract has been used worldwide for centuries. It is now one of the most publicized, and well-known natural weight loss products in the world. 

Don’t be led astray! You can find ads for weight loss teas, Chinese slimming teas, and the like all on the internet, but there is no other green tea weight loss supplement like Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus out on the market today.


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What's in Tea Tone Plus?

Every single pill is packed with a full 800 mg of fat-burning and blocking ingredients.

You get 3 weight-loss teas and Raspberry Ketone all combined into a single capsule. Designed to help prohibit fat from being stored and stimulate weight loss!

Green Tea Extract is a very concentrated configuration of green tea that singles out stubborn fat cells in your body. In one clinical trial,  an average of almost 31 pounds was lost between 50 subjects taking green tea extract alone!

Pu-erh Tea Extract supports the body’s ability to suppress fatty acid synthesis.  Fatty acid synthesis is associated with weight loss and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It also works by stimulating the central nervous system causing the body to expend more energy.

Oolong Tea Extract has high antioxidant and metabolism-boosting benefits.
A study conducted by Ehime University in Japan found that Oolong tea burns fat by stimulating lipolysis, and also blocks the action of lipase, thereby reducing the absorption of dietary fat.

Razberi-K, Is Tea Tone Plus' trademarked extract. It is a compound that is unique to the red raspberry. It stimulates the release of norepinephrine, which is a very potent brain-signaling hormone, that causes fat cells to break down.

The science behind how to lose weight with tea

There is a ton of scientific evidence that proves the value of green tea extracts for weight loss.

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Green tea, green tea catechins, and EGCG have been shown to reduce body weight, fat absorption, fat mass, triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose, insulin and leptin.


How will you lose weight with tea?


Green tea extracts that are found in Tea Tone Plus inhibit the activity of digestive enzymes. This makes it hardder for your body to absorb fat from the foods that you consume.


Instead of attaching itself to cells as it would normally, dietary fat is flushed out of the body. Whereas a normal colon flush rids your body of waste, green tea adds an abundance of catechins, which are believed to be helpful in burning fat and boosting the metabolism.


Other studies have found that green tea contains thermogenic properties as a result of the catechin polypohenols and caffeine found within it. When your body is in a thermogenic state, it burns more calories to keep up with the increased demand for energy by your respiratory and circulatory systems. An increased demand for calories is what causes a decrease in body fat!


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Tea Tone Plus Testimonials

Everyone loves Tea Tone Plus. Just see what satisfied customers have to say about it!


London, UK

I was overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting information out there about green tea extract for weight loss that I didn’t know what to do. But Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus simplified everything for me by putting everything I need into one easy-to-take supplement. It’s amazing that one pill contains so much fat-busting power!"

Colin F.

Surrey, UK

"I just couldn’t seem to get rid of the ‘spare tire’ around my middle. Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus helped me get over my weight loss plateau and drop 10 pounds."

Ross S.

Chappaqua, NY

"I’m a single parent who runs a small business from home and I don’t have the time to spend hours at the gym. A friend suggested that I try nutritional supplements. I did a Google search and found Advanced Formula Tea Tone Plus. It was the answer to a prayer. I didn’t change my exercise routine or my diet, but the weight started to come off right away. I can’t wait to see how far it can take me. I feel like a new man." 

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